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EARS Committee...

-- Joint Presidents --

Sarah Beresford reads Chinese and History at the University of Leeds. She has spent two years in China studying Chinese, teaching English and travelling. In March, 2000, she co-ordinated "Eastern Eye", an East Asian photographic exhibition and competition, along with Kate Mulrenan and Daniel Wolschner.

Phil Dorman reads Chinese and Linguistics at the University of Leeds. He has spent a year studying, working and travelling in China. During the past summer he returned to China for further studies.

-- Treasurer --

Carolin Trauth reads Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Leeds. Carolin has spent a year studying and working in China.

-- Social Events Officer --

Nicola Waite reads Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Leeds. Nicola has spent two years studying and working in China and Taiwan. During the summer 2000 she worked at an international bank in Hong Kong.

-- Publicity and Sponsorship Officer --

Kate Mulrenan reads Chinese and Law at the University of Leeds. Kate has spent two years studying, working and travelling in China and South-East Asia. She has worked at a legal firm with strong links to China.

-- Webmaster and Design Officer --

Daniel Wolschner reads Chinese and Politics at the University of Leeds. He spent a year in China and South-East Asia travelling, studying and working. He returned to China for a few weeks this summer too.

-- The New Committee For 2001-2002 --
(as elected at the AGM on February 21)

--Joint Presidents--
Catriona Scott Emma Shore Sharon Zekaria

--Social Events Officers--
Rebecca Barnard Fiona Lau

--Sponsorship and Publicity Officer--
Katie Abrahams

Anya Gardiner

Greg Sinclair

They will take over the responsibilty of running the committe in the coming months in preparation for the next academic year.

Dragons in the Forbidden City - (c) D Wolschner

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