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EARS :: east asian research society
Welcome to Listen to EARS!

"The East Asian Research Society exists in order
to promote understanding of
East Asian culture."


On Sunday June 10 EARS hosted the inaugural
East Asian Summer Ball
(in cooperation with the Japanese Society)


The EARS season is now drawing to a close again only the final event, our ball, has still to take place.

Find out more about the EARS committee for 2000/01 and who will run it next year. You can also read our introduction here and you can have a look at our events page, listing all the events over the past six months.

If you need to do research on East Asia or simply want to find out more about this fascinating region, come to the research section and start surfing...

EARS is a student-run society within the Leeds University Union (LUU) at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Most of its members come from the Department of East Asian Studies there.

You can sign up to the EARS mailing-list
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On the sponsors page we would like to welcome any businesses to help us in our promotion of cultural understanding.

This website is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5+ or Navigator 4.7+. Some of the pages contain Chinese or Japanese characters. The new Netscape 6 automatically displays them as such. With other browsers you will have to select Chinese Simplified (GB) or Japanese (Auto) encoding (character set). On some systems (without Chinese font) you might need to use a special Character viewer such as the NJ Communicator. This program also lets you view originally simplified Chinese characters as traditional ones.

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