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EARS sponsorship

We want to thank our main sponsor (apart from our members) for 2000/2001 who is:
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
A charity established to promote understanding between the United Kingdom and Japan.
Apart from that EARS also receives support from:
East Asian Studies Department
Leeds University Union
In addition we would like to thank
- Little Tokyo restaurant
- Sala Thai restaurant
- and Herbal King Chinese medicine
for providing disounts to our members.
(for details on the discounts please go to our news page)

Why Sponsor EARS?

EARS is the leading student forum for the discussion and research of East Asia in the UK today. Founded by students of the University of Leeds East Asian Studies Department, it has been bringing the country's leading academics and Asian experts together with students for over ten years to promote discussion and understanding of current East Asian issues.

Aims of EARS

To discuss the issues that really matter. The future of Taiwan, the trade-human rights dilemma, the future of China's autonomous regions... Such controversial issues require well-informed discussion not sensationalism.

EARS seminars are aimed to complement subjects studied within the Department, allowing for in-depth analysis of topics relevant to the curriculum.

To raise awareness of East Asia throughout the entire student body, by organising travel fairs, photography exhibitions and social events such as film and Karaoke nights. Many of our members are from outside the department and are of all nationalities.

To help students gain a better understanding of working opportunities in Asia.

Can you help EARS?

This is an excellent opportunity to get involved with and support the best young undergraduates with experience of Asian language and culture.

EARS needs funds to pay the travel expenses of guest speakers and to organise and promote activities. Social events should cover their own costs

Our Promise

EARS will acknowledge the support of funders on its publicity material including posters, flyers and the EARS website.

Together, the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University have over 45,000 students on campus. There are a further 32,000 students taking adult education courses at the University of Leeds. Our publicity will be aimed at this market, the local Yorkshire community and, with our national promotional activities and website, we will reach a wider audience outside the Leeds area.

Vehicles for publicity

We propose to extend the number of channels through which we promote EARS and its activities. Last year these included the BBC World Service, and locally based media. In previous years, these channels have included national newspapers such as The Guardian and Independent; academic and economic journals (e.g. The Reporter, Leeds University’s academic newsletter, and the Far Eastern Economic Review and related websites). On a local level, our activities will be promoted via student media such as Union Ground, The Leeds Student, Leeds Student Radio and through other university societies.

We will also:

Every week, distribute 200 posters publicising our weekly seminars around Leeds academic institutions.

Every fortnight, distribute 200 posters publicising our film nights.

We will have extensive flyer and poster campaigns around Leeds for all other promotional activities including the "Double 10" event.

Our Website will exhibit our calendar. It will be linked to other East Asian websites and will display related events occurring around Britain. We hope to make research papers and interviews accessible through our website.

EARS needs You

Sponsorship Application


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