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EARS news

The committee is constantly busy organising a great year for all the members.
For our calendar and all the details on all the past lectures and events please go to the events page.
= The East Asian Summer Ball on Sunday June 10
= The greatest EARS social event of the year!!
= No more talks until October.
= No more films until October.
EARS has organised some great discounts for its members, which are available at:
:: Little Tokyo ::
restaurant - 24 Central Road, LS1 (near the Corn Exchange between Kirkgate and Duncan Street)
(5% off - Monday to Thursday between 2 and 6pm)
:: Sala Thai ::
restaurant - 13-17 Shaw Lane, LS6 (off Otley Road in Headingley)
(10% off - Monday to Friday)
:: Herbal King ::
Chinese medicine and massage - Merrion Centre (just round the corner from Morrison's)
(10% off most products)
Dragons in the Forbidden City - (c) D Wolschner 

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