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EARS events

Check out the summaries of all our talks of 2000/2001 (thanks to Kate Mulrenan for writing them):

21/3 Minorities in Yunnan with Damian Howells

6/3 Korean Development with Antony Reedman

28/2 China's 50 richest men with Rupert Hoogewerf (summary by Phil Dorman)

21/2 Annual General Meeting

14/2 Poverty in Asia with Martin Dinham

7/2 Taiwan and China with George Hong

31/1 Land Reclamation with Ceri James

9/12 Photo Gallery of Xmas 2000

6/12 Oriental Gardens with Alison Hardie

29/11 Korean Cinema with Hyang-jin Lee (no summary)

22/11 Shingon Buddhism with Ian Astley (summary by Phil Dorman)

15/11 Mongolia with Eugene O'Connor

8/11 Burma in WWII with Capt Gerald Fitzpatrick

25/10 Nick Leeson

18/10 Falun Gong with Wong Ling Soong

11/10 89 Tian'anmen incident (documentaries)

Mao on the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian'anmen) ... (c) D Wolschner

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