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EARS Committee...

EARS Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday, Feb 21, at 5pm EARS held its AGM to select a new committee for the 2001-2002 season.

To find out who was elected please go to the Committee page.

Here is some info on what it can mean to be a committee member in one of the University's most exciting societies:

This year we have two presidents running the society (Sarah and Phil). Here is what they had to say about their job:

"We organise the series of talks, invite the speakers, arrange travel, look after them while they are in Leeds, book the room, chair meetings, devise the agenda and take the minutes, keep the EARS email account, attend Society forums, keep the rest of the committee up-to-date with what's going on, pitch in when anything else is needed to be done and generally attempt to ensure that EARS runs smoothly.
weekly hours: 7+"

Carolin is the EARS treasurer:

"No profound knowledge of maths or accountancy necessary! The treasurer probably has the easiest and least time-consuming job of the whole committee. You will be responsible for all financial matters - this means keeping an accurate record of all the account transactions, writing cheques and taking care of the cash-box. If you wish to apply for funding from the Union, then you are responsible for making the application to the Societies Funding Committee and attending the meeting. It's all fairly basic stuff - the biggest challenge is probably resisting the urge to do a runner with all that money..."

Nicola is responsible for Social Events:

"I generally spice up the social life of EARS!! Organise parties, film nights... and attempt to do all sorts of other stuff that never gets done! Easy job except for the lead-up to parties, which is majorly stressful and time-consuming."

Kate is Publicity and Sponsorship Secretary:

"Conducted fundraising campaign in June (end of third year) to get cash for shortfall in funds but this hopefully unnecessary if we stay in the black this year! You will have to think about how you are going to pay for your speakers costs though.
Weekly: 1. write up of talk which goes on website, needs about 45mins if that. 2.Design poster (with able support from the Webmaster!) print, photocopy and stick them up everywhere which takes about 2 hours a week. 3. Emailing members is done by webmaster.
Occasional- send report to sponsors biannually and contact people who may be interested in a particular talk - ie: getting bankers to come and see Nick Leeson. Because it's occasional it is hard to judge time used. No more than an hour.
Overall it depends how ambitious you want to be with promoting the Society. You could just do posters and email - the basic minimum is about 2 hours a week, I spend no more than 3."

And I, Dan, am the webmaster and designer:

"Well as you all should know I designed this great website you are currently on. I spent many late hours last April setting it all up (incl designing buttons and logos etc). Since then I have regularly updated it (at least once a week during term-time) and occassionaly added some more links. One thing I think is needed are more Japanese sites but as I don't do Japanese I haven't done that yet (probably won't either...). Designing the posters sometimes takes a few hours sometimes only a few minutes (depends on whether I look for useful photos on the web). Whoever takes over can just take over my structure of the website (or completely redo it...). It would be good if you know HTML and perhaps a few basic java rules (I just know the bare basics), but even without that knowledge the job is do-able. In addition I also managed the EARS mailing-list (based at the Yahoo! Groups), which after entering all the email-addresses is very easy to use to send out the weekly newsletter. In total I probably spent around 5+ hours a week doing the job. For a while I used to put up all the posters too, but that was too much in the end. Sometimes it seemed to take over my life..."

Dragons in the Forbidden City - (c) D Wolschner

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