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In cooperation with the Chinese Society:

Chinese New Year's Dinner

on Monday, February 5
from 7pm
at Lucky Dragon's.

You will need to buy tickets in advance if you want to make sure you will get a place. Chinese Society committee members will be selling tickets all coming week (Jan 29 - Feb 2) between 12 and 2pm in front of the Accomodation Office inside the Refectory entrance. Tickets cost only 13 for EARS/ChiSoc members (and 15 for all non-members) and include a great meal. On the night there will also be a chance to practice your Karaoke skills and win some great prizes (a hell of a lot of beer, wine and spirits, all sorts of delicious chocolates and sweets, and other quality prizes - almost everyone will have a chance to win something!) in a big raffle.

Tables can be reserved for groups of 10 if all 10 tickets are bought before 5 Feb, otherwise it's sit-where-you-like on the night.

The menu on the night will be:
.. Roast duck
.. Dongjiang chicken
.. Aubergine hot pot
.. Pork chops in Peking sauce
.. Fried fillet of fish hot pot
.. Stir-fried Chinese vegetables
.. Boiled rice
.. and sweet red bean soup for dessert

Lucky Dragon is at 2 Templar Lane in the city centre (just outside of Eastgate/Headrow)