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EARS japan research

Japan Information Network
..the japan information network is a gateway to resources detailing the society, culture, education and other aspects of japan

Japan Times english-language news site

Asahi Shimbun
..japanese daily. news in japanese and english

Yomiuri Shimbun
..japanese daily in japanese and english

Japanese Government's official website
..has details on the cabinet, constitution and national policy initiatives. incl an english version

Stanford University J Guide
..a huge selection of links on japan (as of 26.10.00 they had 1855 links)

Japanese Embassy in the US on japan

Leeds University Library - East Asian sites
..a amall selection of east asia related sites

Nikkei Net
..extensive business news site. english version available.

Japan Policy Research Institute
..many articles about japan, however for most you need to be a member of the JPRI

Ministry of International Trade and Industry
..the MITI site publishes white papers and more. includes an english version

Asian Financial Crisis
..information on the asian financial crisis of 97

Japan Government
..links to various japanese government department websites and other political institutions

..using this page you can view japanese sites with browsers that do not support japanese language

Far Eastern Economic Review
..a hong kong based magazine on east asian affairs with searchable archive

Japanese Latern 

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