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EARS events

This is the list of lectures and events we had in the season of 2000/2001.

A quick list of all the summaries of past EARS talks during 2000/2001.

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Tue 10/10 8pm (Social):

To kick off the new year we held our "Double 10" event at the Blue Bar. It was a great night... Thank you to Nicola for organising most of the night with the Blue Bar staff, our DJs Dan and Adrian, and everyone who came to make it so good! There were some delicious Asian snacks, promotions on Kirin and Tiger beer and, well simply, a great time.

Wed 11/10 4pm (Lecture):

We showed two documentaries about the Tian'anmen "incident" of 1989.


Tue 17/10 7.30pm (Film):

Starting off the EARS film season at the Packhorse Pub will be the famous Manga "Akira". It was weird, apocalyptic and very good.

Wed 18/10 4pm (L):

The Falun Gong: "the real story". Is it really a threat to the Chinese state? Wong Ling Soong, the director of the Falun Gong association in the UK, came with a video presentation and answered questions.


Wed 25/10 5pm (L):

The infamous rogue trader Nick Leeson came to one of EARS' most successful ever talks. This special Q&A session was held in the Rupert Beckett LT. He told us about his life from when he started as a futures trader to becoming, at least partly, responsible for the collapse of Barings Bank and being sent to a Singaporean prison for 5 years.
300 were raised in donations for the Colon Cancer Trust! Thank you to all who came but especially those who paid.


Tue 31/10 7.30pm (F):

The Chinese film "Yellow Earth" (1984) was shown.

Wed 1/11 5pm (L):

We showed the film "Rogue Trader" (with Ewan McGregor) about Nick Leeson for all those who missed out on seeing him in person or those who want to know more about what happened in Singapore.

Wed 8/11 5pm (L):

No Mandalay, No Maymyo (79 survive) - The Forgotten War in Burma with Captain Gerald Fitzpatrick.


Tue 14/11 7.30pm (F):

We actually watched the Mongolian film "Urga" at the Packhorse. To be recommended...

Wed 15/11 (L):

Mongolia from Outer Space: A geological journey with Eugene O'Connor.


Wed 22/11 5pm (L):

Shingon Buddhism: A Japanese Religion with Chinese roots. Dr Ian Astley from Edinburgh University.

Tue 28/11 7.30pm (F):

One of the late Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's greatest films: "Ran".

Wed 29/11 4pm (L):

Cinema and Cultural Identity on the Korean Peninsula. Hyang-jin Lee teaches Korean language and culture at Sheffield University and wrote her PhD at Leeds on "the sociological aspects of Korean cinema".

Wed 6/12 5pm (L):

Alison Hardie: An affair with the Oriental Garden, mainly concentrated on the history of Ming dynasty gardens.


Sat 9/12 8pm (S):

XMAS 2000! The final event of the year 2000 (at least as far as EARS is concerned...): a grrreat ++ Christmas party ++ at Hakuna Matata (on Swinegate). With live music from Pappa Nappy and DJ Manu. In co-operation with JapSoc and ChiSoc (it was all organised by our own Nicola though...).
It really was great!
Some great pics of the party can be found in the JapSoc gallery.

Wed 31/01 5pm (Lecture):

Our first lecture in 2001 is:
New land from the sea in East Asia - development and impact (abstract) with Ceri James of the British Geological Survey


Mon 05/02 7pm (Social):

In cooperation with the Chinese Society:
The Chinese New Year's Dinner to celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Snake at Lucky Dragon's.

Wed 06/02 7.30pm (Film):

Mr Vampire! At last this great fun movie started off the new film term at The Packhorse.

Wed 07/02 5pm (L):

George Hong, former President of the Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) in the UK, spoke about the relationship between Taiwan and mainland China.


Wed 14/02 5pm (L):

Tackling Poverty in China and South Asia with Martin Dinham of the Department for International Development(DFID).


Tue 20/02 7.30pm (F):

Ghost in the Shell - another great Japanese manga (dubbed into English)

Wed 21/02 5pm (AGM):

EARS Annual General Meeting
The new committee for 2001-2002 has now been elected. They will take over responsibility during the next few months.

Wed 28/02 5pm (L):

Ciao Mao! - The success of China's private sector. Journalist and former consultant Rupert Hoogewerf on China's Top 50 richest entrepreneurs.


Tue 06/03 4pm (L):

Korean Development - Antony Reedman, of the BGS and a former government advisor, spoke about geology and its implications for the culture and development in South Korea.


Tue 06/03 7.30pm (F):

"Eat Drink Man Woman": A great Taiwanese film by Li An (Ang Lee).

Wed 21/03 5pm (L):

Damian Howells spoke about minorities in Yunnan and how they are affected by the 1984 Regional Autonomy Law.
This was the final talk of the academic year.


And for all the latest info just visit the events page...

Mao on the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian'anmen) ... (c) D Wolschner

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