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EARS events

This is the page where you will find our lecture calendar with up-to-date news on what's happening.

But of course as a student-based society we cannot do without some social, non-academic events of our own. We will entertain you every other week with film nights and sometimes also other social events.

So here comes a list of all the talks and events we have for you so far:
=== ! The lectures on 22/11 and 29/11 have been swapped ! ===
(For more information please click on the links)
Lectures always start at 4pm in LG15 in the Michael Sadler (Arts) building unless otherwise stated. The lectures are free for members.
Film nights are from 7.30pm at the Packhorse Pub on Woodhouse Lane, opposite the Engineering buildings. Members pay 50p non-members £ 1.

10/10 (Social):
To kick off
the new year we will holding our "Double 10" event at the Blue Bar. On what will be a great night we will provide you with some delicious Asian snacks, promotions on Kirin and Tiger beer and a great time. 

11/10 (Lecture):
Our first talk! Helen Brooks is coming to speak about problems with Human Rights in China and whether we should accept it simply as a cultural difference.

17/10 (Film):
Starting off the EARS film season at the Packhorse Pub will be the famous Manga "Akira". Don't miss it!

18/10 (L):
The Falun Gong: a religion or a cult? Is it really a threat to the Chinese state?Listen to what Ling Soong, an active practitioner and teacher of Falun Gong, has to say.

25/10 (L):
The infamous Barings Bank dealer Nick Leeson will share his thoughts on financial problems in East Asia. This lecture will only start at 6pm!

31/10 (F):
The Chinese film "Yellow Earth" (1984) will be shown.

1/11 (L):
Mongolia from Outer Space: A geological journey. (Speaker t.b.c.)

8/11 (L):
Captain Fitzpatrick on the forgotten war in Myanmar(Burma).

14/11 (F):
"Garid Magnai" from Mongolia at the Packhorse.

15/11 (L):
In Search of the Yeti: Himalayan myth or reality? (Speaker t.b.c.)

22/11 (L):
Shingon Buddhism: A Japanese Religion with Chinese roots. Dr Ian Astley from Edinburgh University

28/11 (F):
One of the late Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's greatest films: "Ran".

29/11 (L):
Cinema and Identity in Korea. Hyang-jin Lee has taught Korean language at Sheffield and wrote her PhD at Leeds on "the sociological aspects of Korean cinema".

6/12 (L):
Alison Hardie: An affair with the Oriental Garden, a topic she has researched and published on.

12/12 (S):
The final event of the year 2000 (at least as far as EARS is concerned...): a grrreat Christmas party.

So for all the latest event info just visit this website...

Mao on the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian'anmen) ... (c) D Wolschner 

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