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Media, Institutions and InfoGuides on China

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top ... MEDIA (China - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Rest of the World)
Chinese Mainland Media (HK - TW - INT)
China Daily
..china's official english newspaper
People's Daily - 人民日报 - (both chinese GB and english version available)
..only news summaries in english
China Internet Information Centre - 中国网 - (available in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Esperanto, Chinese GB and Chinese Big5!)
..governmental news and information site
XinHua (New China) News Agency - 新华通讯社 - (available in Chinese GB + Big5, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic)
..the official chinese news agency
China Wide Web - 国中网 - (only in chinese GB) official news website - (available both in English and Chinese GB and Big5)
..a site maintained by the China Internet Corporation, a HK company backed by XinHua, links to, HongKong.Com and Taiwan.Com
Hong Kong 1997 Web Site - (available both in English and Chinese Big5)'s transition website
Beijing Review - 北京周报 - (available in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese)
..a beijing weekly news magazine
China Today - 今天中国 - (available in English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese GB)
..a state-owned monthly
Hong Kong Media (CN - TW - INT)
South China Morning Post
..a very good extensive site with additional information only available through the web
Hong Kong Standard
..english language HK newspaper
Ming Pao - 明报 - (chinese Big5)
..chinese language newspaper from hong kong
Singtao - 星岛 - (chinese Big5)
..chinese language newspaper from hong kong
Taiwanese Media (CN - HK - INT)
China Times - 中时电子报 - (available in English and Chinese Big5)
..taiwanese daily, english version not as extensive
Non-China based Media (CN - HK - TW)
China Online
.. very good independent online news service on china. uses a variety of sources, which are otherwise not accessible for free
OuZhou ShiBao - 欧洲时报 - (only in chinese)
..france based chinese language daily
China News Digest
..weekly news digest mainly about the PRC but also the ROC, in addition there is an archive and links available
HuaXiaWenZhai - 华夏文摘 - (chinese GB, Big5, HZ and graphics versions available)
..the chinese language site of CND, includes special reports
Inside China
..part of a big site on transition economies. good news service and search engine - annoying adverts though
Far Eastern Economic Review
..hong kong based magazine on east asian affairs with searchable archive
BBC Online Chinese - BBC 中文网 - (chinese GB, Big5 and many other languages available)
..the british broadcaster's chinese news department is pretty extensive and you can also listen to online audio news broadcasts in chinese.
The Economist based magazine with good archive. the articles it publishes on asia are usually very good - sadly not all articles are accessible for free online
Financial Times based daily with very good online search engine with access to many different news databases
top ... INSTITUTIONS (Governmental - International Organisations)
Governmental Institutions (INT)
PRC Government
..links to various PRC government department websites and other political institutions
ROC Government
..links to ROC (Taiwan) government department websites and other political institutions
Chinese Embassy in the USA - 中国驻美国大使馆 releases, background information on china and visa forms
Hong Kong SAR Government - 香港特别行政区 - (available both in English and Chinese Big5)
..the official Hong Kong government website - quite extensive site in both languages
Chinese Embassy in the UK - 中国驻英国大使馆
..similar to the US one but different
NY consulate of the PRC
..slightly different information to the embassy website, eg governmental white papers
Chinese Communist Party - 共产党 - (site in chinese gb only)
..the CCP has been in power in mainland china since the foundation of the PRC in 1949
Democratic Progressive Party - 民进党 - (site in english, chinese big5 and japanese)
..the DPP rules the taiwanese government with chen shui-bian but is still in the minority in parliament
Nationalist Party - 国民党
..the KMT ruled taiwan for more than 50 years after having been driven out of china by the communists
International Organisations (GOV)
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
..established in 1989 to promote open trade in the region. includes reports on member countries' economies and more. the PRC, hong kong and taiwan are all seperate members
Asian Development Bank (AsDB) publications and other info are available from the bank
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
..though china is not a member it plays an important role in south-east asian politics. the site includes extensive resources
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
..the UN ESCAP with up-to-date publications and background info on the region
World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
..the world bank has loads of useful documents and reports available for free online
World Trade Organisation (WTO)
..china is about to join the WTO
United Nations (UN) Ϲ - (available in English, Chinese GB, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic)
..china is one of the 5 permanent security council members
EU-China relations
..this EU commission website includes documents on negotiations between the EU and China on WTO accession, human rights and other issues
top ... INFORMATION and GUIDES (Academic - Maoism-Marxism - Human Rights - General)
Academic Guides and Documents (MAO - HR - GEN)
Internet Guide for China Studies
..very extensive guide aimed at anybody interested in china, but especially academics. some of the links on this page were found there...
China Law Info - 北大法律信息网
.. beijing university has an amazing amount of law in chinese available for free on its website (even more available for a fee)
Law Info China
.. a big collection of chinese law translated into english available for free (more available for a fee)
International Institute for Asian Studies
.. asian studies at leiden university in the netherlands. includes its newsletter and archive of its articles
Japan Echo
..this japanese journal includes articles on Sino-Japanese relations
John Fairbank Memorial Chinese History Virtual Library
..from the Qing dynasty to the present
Academia Sinica - 中央研究院 - (available in Chinese Big5 and English)
..founded in 1928 in Nanjing this academic institution is now based on Taiwan
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
..a collection of texts and articles on east asian history
European Association of Sinological Librarians - EASL
..part of the China WWW Virtual Library it provides information on sinological libraries
Association for Asian Studies
..US based academic site with a good link section
Texts on Chinese Politics
..PRC constitutional documents
Taiwan Documents Project
..a private project publishing a lot of primary, mainly legal, material on the dispute over taiwan
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
..similar to the internet guide and very good too
Council of East Asian Libraries
..a lot of links to interesting sites in east asia
Maoism and Marxism (ACAD - HR - GEN)
..created by Peruvian Maoists this site boasts an extensive archive of Mao's and other Communists' works translated into English
The Mao Tse-tung Internet Archive
..this site on marxism also provides an extensive archive on Mao's works
Human Rights (ACAD - MAO - GEN)
50 Years of Progress in China's Human Rights
..the human rights issue in the PRC media
Human Rights in China - 中国人权 - (english and chinese GB)
..human rights in china and the world as viewed by the chinese government
Human Rights in China - 中国人权 - (english and chinese GB)
..human rights in china as viewed by this US-based organisation
Amnesty International - China Report
..the annual report on human rights problems in china
China Daily - Falun Gong
..the falun gong issue in the chinese media
FalunDafa InfoCenter
..the falun gong/falun dafa's own news site
..the falun gong/falun dafa organisations main US based website
Tibet Government in Exile
..the exiled tibetans lead by the dalai lama
General Guides and Information (ACAD - MAO - HR)
China Tour - (available both in English and Chinese GB)
..information on china's provinces
China - A Country Study (1987)
..slightly out of date but a lot of the info in this study by the US library of congress is still correct
Info on China
..a collection of links to politics, law, culture etc
China Today
..not the same as the aforementioned China Today monthly, but a guide on china from china
AsianNet - China Online
..good link collection on china
China - Internet Travel Guide info on travelling to china
Infohub - China Travel Guide
..internet travel guide on china
China Links
..nice little collection of links on china
50th Anniversary of the "Resist America Aid Korea" Campaign - 抗美援朝五十周年
..a special site from the PLA daily (军事报)
Mao on the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian'anmen) ... (c) D. Wolschner 

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