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The Westís involvement with East Asia has deepened immensely during the 20th Century and, with the globalising effects of the financial markets, multi-nationals, foreign travel and information technology, this process will continue beyond 2000.

The East Asian Research Society (EARS) is an exciting initiative established in response to growing interest in East Asian affairs.

EARS is an independent, student-run organisation. We offer our members weekly seminars on various issues relating to East Asia. These seminars take the form of a talk by a specialist in the field, followed by a forum in which to discuss ideas. The monthly film will be chosen to relate to the seminar topics wherever possible. Furthermore, a wide-ranging programme of events and this website will support the seminars - our main activity.

The EARSí committee comprises a group of young people, who pursue related degrees in the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds.

We share the belief that greater understanding of other cultures is valuable within the auspices of the University and beyond.

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